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There’s not a lot wrong with being ‘Wonder Woman’ strong

  1. You can lift heavy metal
  2. You don’t need no man to open that pickle jar
  3. Your posture improves
  4. You look amazing
  5. You feel amazing
  6. hellllllo glutes, need I say more.

The industry has transformed rapidly, from the former conception that weight training makes a woman ‘bulky’ to ‘weight lifting is important for females’ health. I strongly believe the influx of social media #fitspos have facilitated this however, there are still some people out there who are wary of lifting weights. The concept that lifting weights will make you ‘bulky’ is not only untrue but females do not produce enough testosterone to grow muscle like that, it is physiologically impossible.

As many would know, I regularly lift weights and strongly believe that all women should be lifting weights too! There’s more reasons why you should do be doing it than not.

“I am a confident, strong female” – sings Lady Gaga.

As a teen I basically grew up in the gym environment. I was tagging along to all my mum’s body step and body pump classes as a 14 – 16 year old! It was soo fun, I was HIGHLY uncoordinated, my mum could tell you – but I loved going.

Looking back now, I remember seeing the pin loaded machines, some swissballs, dumbbells and other cool fun stuff that I never touched because I simply didn’t know how to use these or the benefits of using them and I wasn’t about to embarrass myself using things I didn’t know how to use.

Can I also just say that I never though weight training was a “man’s thing” – I had no idea of this FALSE concept until I started formly working in the industry.

AS a teen I would just do cardio 10  – 20 mins of the treadmill, 10 mins bike, 10 mins stepper. I was SMASHING myself every session – I saw changes in my cardiovascular fitness and little changes in my body composition.

No wonder I got bored with this.

At 19, I was officially teaching group fitness classes, working in the gym environment doing different things. I was not a PT at this stage so when I met Jordan he was teaching me EVERYTHING from cables, racks, and pin loaded machines AND technique! I am sooo thankful he did too, everything I learnt from him was really revision for me when I did my certificates in fitness. Jordan is a qualified PT (and has been since he was 18) and will complete his Bachelor of Exercise Science mid year 2018 so he is a wealth of knowledge for me!

From this small beginning my body has TRANSFORMED IMMENSELY.

I love my thighs, I love my shoulders, I love my back, I love my body! Who else can say that confidently?

Don’t get me wrong I have days were I’m feeling a bit EHH, but weight training has sculpted my body and mind so beautifully for me. Yes, this may sound vein, but I am simply appreciative for what I have been able to create.

I did have my insecurities, sometimes I still do as a female in the industry.

I have hated my legs, I have hated my tummy rolls, I didn’t like the way my lats came out at the back. I have been through phases of feeling ‘too big’ or ‘not lean enough’ to be a female in this industry.  After navigating through this through different training methods, eating well, plus my mindset towards my body, I have never looked back, I have fully embraced who I am.

I’m also quite fortunate that my boyfriend embraces my body and praises my hard work. In fact, our second or third date was a gym session together so to have an a strong, equal-like minded man who loves my muscles and pushes me, I am eternally grateful for.

So what do you think about weight lifting?

Have you tried it?

Are you too afraid to try? 

Leave a comment below, give it a like, and follow my blog through my emails so you never miss a blog!

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