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Brought to you by Worldie, here are some good news and events that took place in February.

Businesses regulating gun purchases

Although it’s not gun law reform, businesses have started doing their part regarding the regulation of firearm sales. Dick’s Sporting Goods, the largest retailer in the United States in sporting equipment, have decided to cease sales on assault rifles like the one used in the previous school shooting in Florida, as well as raising the minimum age of gun sales to 21.

Cleaning up the environment:

Unfortunately, bullying is still a regular occurrence in our schools, affecting the lives of millions of young children everywhere. However, one 12-year-old girl named Nadia has not let that stop her from doing what she feels is necessary. Since September last year, Nadia, living in Norwich, England, collected litter on her way to and from school daily. Despite her environmentally, friendly ways, resulted in name calling from her peers, including the nickname “Trash Girl”. Thankfully, Nadia has not let this bullying affect her ways, as she continues to put the needs of the environment first and continue to collect litter on her way to and from school. Talk about inspirational!

Egypt and solar energy:

For many years, Egypt has been powered on fossil fuels, due to its inexpensive nature. However, as reported by the Good News Network, construction has begun for the world largest solar park in Egypt, expected to generate at least 1.6 GW of energy by the middle of 2019, which is then expected to provide at least 20% of the countries energy needs by 2022.

Black Panther release

Black Panther was an amazing movie, full of action, strong characters and a great storyline. Several prominent individuals throughout the United States have allowed for underprivileged children to go and see the movie in cinemas, starting the twitter campaign #BlackPantherChallenge. ‘Little Miss Flint’, who first gained prominence by encouraging then President Obama to visit Flint during the water crisis, created a GoFundMe page, that raised over $16,000, so that “kids [could] see themselves as superheros”. In Mississippi, Octavia Spencer also paid for an entire theatre to be rented out for kids from under-served communities to see the movie when it released.

 A movement towards tighter gun laws in the United States:

Now gun laws are still a very controversial area in the United States, and as of now, firearms are very much unregulated. However, Donald Trump has raised the possibility of comprehensive gun laws, including the use of background checks, in a televised session, asking lawmakers to push for law reform. This point was hard to list, due to the nature in which the discussion was raised, that being another school shooting, this time in Florida.

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