Living Well


Ever started a new project? Maybe made a New Year’s resolution (see my thoughts on this)? That energy-buzz, endorphin-like feeling lasted a week, maybe two? But then all of a sudden you realise how much work, time and effort, gosh patience included it will need and so it never happens, someone even bursts your bubble and so the cycle continues with mostly everything you want to start or try.

The idea that being motivated to do everything, everyday and not get run down is simply untrue. 

Motivation last for a fraction of time; when your creativity is high, you have great excitement towards the prospects of a new project or goal and its potential. BUT, motivation does not last because once you realise how hard you need to work, the time and attention it requires, what you need to change to get there, the barriers etc. you don’t end up falling through with it.

Relying on motivation to get you anywhere is a plan for failure because it does not last.

There are days when I don’t want to workout, teach my classes, meal prep/cook, study, be creative, it’s normal, EVERYONE HAS and WILL experience this lack of motivation and I want you to know that THIS IS OKAY. BUT, don’t let it last for the next 10 days, 10 months or worse 10 years of your life. Accept it, adapt with it and move the hell on, keep going.

  1. Be committed and consistent towards the project, the goal, process of change, your routine no matter what comes your way. This is good for us, it means we are adaptable to change and are willing to make it better
  2.  Push through the hard times, good news this also won’t last forever!
  3.  Once you realise that you will go through many ups and downs in everything, it’s no longer motivation leading you but effort and acceptance that any barriers or limitations will hinder you for as long as you’re holding onto it. 

I first came across this notion via Craig Harper, a no bull-shit motivational speaker. He is an absolute realist, honest and a powerful speaker that tells you what everybody else is too scared to say to you or what you are simply not accepting yourself.

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